Thursday, July 17, 2008

Welcome to the Big Top

The Big Top, which is the name we are using for the large blue tent where worship and bishops plenary sessions occur, is restricted to delegate entrance only. There are a few limited sessions in which the press are allowed, but other than that only bishops, spouses, staff, and stewards are allowed inside. Photography, other than for official conference photographers is not allowed, however, that was not the rule before things were set up, so I bring you "The Big Top" (before they laid the carpeting, and without the pretty lighting).

This last photo was taken backstage behind the projection screen. Those wooden planks that steward is holding have since become the altar table.

Speaking of which, Michael Sniffin, a fellow steward and priest from the Diocese of LI (NY) had the honor of assisting the administration of communion at this morning's Eucharist. How's that for something to talk about for the rest of ones life!

In Peace
A Lambeth Steward

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Paul (A.) said...

I like the purple seats. Or are they pink?