Sunday, July 20, 2008

Three seperate things

There are three seperate concepts, that are undoubtedly a bit connected, but nevertheless separate that some people seem to be merging.

1. ++Rowan Williams
2. The issues in the Anglican Communion
3. The Lambeth Conference

Please don't crucify one when you mean another.

I've turned on moderated posting because this is a blog of my tales from Lambeth. Anything that may create division is not getting through as that is not the purpose of this blog.

Yes these are all connected, but they are all their own thing as well.

I'm off to Canterbury Cathedral for the opening Eucharist and then to St. Stephen's for the Integrity/Changing Attitudes Echarist.

In Peace,


Roger Stokes said...

You are right in distinguishing these three issues, though I would see the Lambeth Conference issue as linking to the Communion generally. In my view ++Rowan has been much misunderstood as he has tried to keep people talking which, as Desmond Tutu has observed, is what Anglicans do together. That is what this Conference is about and I pray that the atmosphere ++Rowan has sought to create will help those who wish to talk and be with each other to see beyond the issues to what really matters - our calling as Christians in the Anglican tradition.

David said...


a sad thing wen comment moderation becomes necessary in the transformation of our blessed Communion.

as you wisely said, the three are distinct, if inter-connected; but even more than that they are all essential elements in 'process'- a process of radiant, if difficult transformantion.

and the engagement of process is exactly where the Holy Spirit awaits us.

allie thank-you for the ministry of your blog to those of us at a distance but daily upholding you all in prayer with love


Robert Zacher said...

Hey Allie:

Keep up the good work letting us know what is going on at Lambeth at Canterbury and in London next week.

Best wishes and try and get enough sleep to keep going.

Caz said...
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