Saturday, July 12, 2008

Greetings from Canterbury!

Hello everyone,
And welcome to my Lambeth blog!

While I know a great many bishops and reporters will be blogging, I'm here to give you a different perspective - that of a Steward.

We are here to serve the conference and the delegates (bishops and spouses). There are about 60 of between the ages of 18-35 from nearly 20 provinces of the Anglican Communion.

We arrived at the University of Kent on Tuesday and have since been training for a variety of tasks and situations and setting up to make this Lambeth Conference go as smoothly as possible.

I do hope to blog daily, and there is already quite a lot going on.

I am going to try to keep each entry to one topic, which may result in multiple entries in a row, and this may change as the blog progresses.

In peace,
A Lambeth Steward


Catherine said...

I am honored to be "tagged" for this blog. My prayers to our Martha at Lambeth. (I always thought SOMEONE had to make the soup and clean up.)

PseudoPiskie said...

So the jitters have been conquered? Will be thinking about you and sending prayers all during the conference and hoping you are enjoying this one time opportunity.

When and if you see our +Sean, you will probably see a very tired husband and wife Carly as they are at EYE at the moment. +Sean is not a quiet subdued priest. I can't imagine him sitting quietly discussing for hours.

Luiz Coelho said...

Spread the gossip! Spread the gossip!

Elizabeth Kaeton said...

Hey, Allie. You've got to give me all the scoop on the lay of the land and the weather and - of course - what to wear. Susan Russell is there as is John Clinton Bradley from Integrity. Katie Sherrod and Cynthia Black are also there and will be joined by Jon Richardson. I'll be there Monday morning, the 21st. Looking forward to seeing your bright and shiny and georgeous face. (Oh, and PS - when you see Michael Sniffen (also a steward), give him my love. He's very dear to my heart.)

Allie said...

Michael and I have been hanging out a bit, and already figured out that we both knew you :-)

I do look forward to seeing the folks from Integrity, and am hoping to be one of the stewards working those "fringe events."

But more on that later

fr craig said...

Allie - I did my 'junior year abroad' there at the U of Kent and just loved being in Canterbury... Unfortunately, I can't remember the name of my favorite pub! (it WAS 36 years ago... sigh)
blessings -

Saintly Ramblings said...

You're on my Favourites list, and I'm looking forward to a non-media insider's view of the event. Enjoy!

Grandmère Mimi said...

Allie, it's great to hear from you. Later, I'll be doing a post linking to your blog. Have a great time and keep the blog posts coming. I've gotta go to church or I'd do the work right now.

FranIAm said...

Just added you to my reader Allie, I will look forward to your postings.

Mad Priest has deemed me an Episcopalian, but I am not one (yet) but certainly feel a part of an online community of you all.

Have fun and may this all go well for you and for ALL.

johnieb said...

Oh, good; yer up and blogging, and you've connected with Luiz: excellent.

I'm looking forward to your reports.