Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Colour Coding Lambeth

Everyone at Lambeth has to wear a different colour lanyard with an ID attached to be allowed into any venue (other than the Marketplace).

It is likely that in photographs in the media you will see people wearing the different colours.
Here is a quick guide to those colours:

Red: Staff

Green: Stewards

Yellow/Gold: Canterbury Volunteers

Grey: Day Guests/Resource People

Purple: Bishops/Bishop's Spouses/Ecumenical Guests

White: Exhibitors

Sky Blue: Press

Dark Blue: University Staff


forsythia said...

Maybe this question has already been answered, but have the stewards been instructed to keep anyone specific out?

Grandmère Mimi said...

What a surprise! The bishops wear purple!

Jim said...

I am waiting to see the photo board with the pictures of those that must be excluded. Oh wait, that was Jerusalem...


Allie said...

Yes. We have very specific instructions. You MUST be wearing lanyards to get in anywhere, with the matching photo to the wearer on the ID. If Archbishop Rowan isn't wearing a lanyard, he doesn't get in (really, and he knows that).

Different colours can only get into specific venues.