Sunday, July 13, 2008

So Who are We?

I'm sure you must be wondering who exactly these stewards are.
That is a rather difficult question.
We are a diverse group of about 60 from around 20 different countries. We vary in age, occupation, language, and original religious background.

There are about 20 stewards from the UK, most are students at either the University of Kent or Christ Church University or alumni from those schools. About 4 aren't Anglican but were interested in serving regardless.

There are seven and two halves students from the US: A priest/ph.d student from the diocese of Long Island, three students from Duke Divinity School, a student at Fuller Theological Seminary, and a student at Bexley Hall (and me). There are also two foreign students studying in the US: one from Brazil and the other from Canada.

There are two Canadian stewards as well as our chaplains, Ralph Spence, the retired bishop of Niagra and his wife.

We have stewards from Mexico, Cuba, South Africa, India, Australia, New Zealand, Hong Kong, Taiwan, France, Japan and Myanmar! (among others).

There are three priests (that I know of), at least 8 seminarians/ordinands, as well as a large number of undergrads hoping to pursue ordained ministry. Others are in finance, law, music, there is a DJ, and many are graduate or undergraduate students.

Many people were raised Anglican while others were Catholic, Hindu, Jewish, Baptist or raised in local religions. Some were raised in religious families, while others came this way themselves.

There are leftists, liberals, and conservatives.

However, all of us are here to learn, listen, serve and help make the Lambeth Conference one of unity and of strengthening the effectiveness and usefullness and well as wholeness of all of the bishops who attend.

(Thanks to Robert S for the photo!)

The bishops arrive on Tuesday and Wednesday, so this should be an interesting day.

In Peace,
A Lambeth Steward


Luiz Coelho said...

Bp. Ralph, that's OUR bishop!

David said...

What a great blog and a wonderful perspective on Lambeth. (I've bookmarked you)
I learned about you from Elizabeth (a.k.a. That Kaeton Woman) who bragged about you to the whole world.
Just the thought of great folks like you and Luiz there to keep the conference going gives me hope.
Thanks again Allie


FranIAm said...

This is a great blog- I heard of you from Elizabeth or Mimi or even MP.

Whatever the case, I am the RC hanger on with the Episcopal blog crowd, feeling loved and energized by the community.

Honestly I am in a great parish in a great diocese and a not as great (for me) TEC diocese.

In the end we are all one to me.


And gratitude to you for this.