Sunday, July 20, 2008

A bit surreal

I'll admit this Lambeth Conference is a bit surreal for me.

I've joked with ++Rowan... and got into a discussion with +N.T. Wright regarding the robes that he forgot. They were to be mailed to him, but hadn't made it yet. He is borrowing those of another bishop.

I've studied this man. Its so strange to be talking about such a mundane topic... and its basically been a week of this.

I don't get star struck, its just strange meeting all these people one usually sees as an author

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Tandaina- said...

Allie if you get a chance to talk to Bishop Todd Ousley from E. Michigan you'll find him very normal and funny and full of stories. Yes, its nice to hear that all our bishops are really just people (in funny clothes). ;)