Sunday, August 3, 2008

Stewards' Panel Discussion and Prayer Service

After evening prayer last night another Steward, Mary Margorie from LA and I decided that we needed a bit of a break, so we walked into Canterbury and had a nice dinner at an Italian resteraunt. It was tasty and refreshing.

Last night four stewards were invited to the dais to present their thoughts on the conference, the steward's programme, and the place of young adults in the church. The presenters represented four continents and an eight
year age span. The included an American youth leader, A British parish assistant, a South African biology student, and a DJ and youth leader from Seychelles. The Brit, Penny, stole the show, being both honest and cheeky. She mentioned that she hoped to pursue ordination, by the end of the presentation a few English bishops offered her the chance.

As stewards we spend a lot of time in our common room. Last night we had fun singing and playing guitar and violin.

This morning we helped lead morning worship. We were the readers, interessors, and choristers. The Choir, made up of stewards under the direction of steward Christopher Johnson of Christ Church University was excellent. This is from the final rehearsal, apologies that the sound quality on my camera isn't very good.

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Margaret said...

Thank you for your coverage these last two plus weeks. You have been the "fly on the wall" many of us wished to be.
How amazing that all of your stewards seem to have been chosen for your musical abilities and balance between voices. A fine choir indeed!
Maggie Zeller