Friday, August 8, 2008

saying goodbye (youth retreat later)

After the bishops left (and we woke up), we had the day to ourselves. The previous month had been so regimented that none of us were sure what to do with our free time, so we decided to throw ourselves a party.

During this party we realised that many of the remaining staff had gone out to dinner together, and we decided that we should greet them. We went to the bus stop about half an hour before the staff was scheduled to return, as we were unsure precisely when they would arrive, so we kept ourselves occupied by singing hymns and Beatles songs. In our last task as stewards, wearing our bright orange jackets, we surprised the returning staff and welcomed them off the coach by us standing in two lines, forming a tunnel, singing "Amen Siakudumisa."

We then went inside where we gave some of the staff members small gifts of our appreciation and then all went to one of the bars in the building. We got to talk to some of the staff members we hadn't had the opportunity to before, danced to the tunes of a jukebox, and had a lot of wine. We went back into the common room to finish the party and then most of us went to bed so as to have some energy left over for our time with ArchieRo the next day.

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