Friday, August 1, 2008

Fabulous Chart by a Fellow American Steward

Created by fellow American Steward Sam K


susan s. said...

_English_ TexMex? You've got to be kidding! This is hilarious!

Jane R said...

I love it!

Still reading you and cheering you on. Have been on the road, then back here and busy, but I'm still there :-). (For some calm, have a look at pictures I put up - from a nearby retreat center. Previous ones were here.)

Allie said...

Susan each group of participants has a designated eating venue. Ours is called "Origins" (its located in the Darwin Building, which is in front of the modular "Missing Link"). It specializes in "Tex-Mex" but is unlike any Tex or Mex I have ever seen.

They've broadened their menu so we don't have to live off TexMex for three weeks, but it got old fast.

At least when the bishops leave we can go back to the dining hall... there's a thought I never thought I'd have.

johnieb said...

Veddy nice; you is mah favorite Lambeth reporter, which is not a bishop (FBE Maya Pavlova)

Catherine said...

1. Where are the cute rabbit pictures?
2. Again--ENGLISH Tex-Mex? Poor Baby! You must come for a decent dinner once we are all home!
3. Why do they use Welsh for the word verifications?

Allie said...

1. I thought there were enough on other blogs
2. Just let me know when
3. Why not?